If you are interested in becoming a parish helper
                                  for Our Lady of the Veil......
                      here is information how you can become
                                 a "Handmade" of the Lord!

Below are all the steps to get you started at your parish to help provide
free veils to other women and spread the Our Lady of the Veil message.
Parish helpers are responsible for getting the cost of the veil box, veil
materials, holy cards printed and items necessary for the ministry at their

  • First, get permission from your pastor before you display the veil box or any materials from
    Our Lady of the Veil in your parish.  Once you have permission from your pastor please let our ministry
    know that you have received permission from your pastor and you will be displaying the free veil box.  E-
    mail ourladyoftheveil@windstream.net with your name, e-mail and phone number in case we need to
    contact you.
  • You can purchase a white box (like the one shown in the picture below) from a craft store like Michael's
    for your free veil box.  Michael's sells a white box roughly 7x7x7 and it is a great size because it is not
    too large.  (It can be difficult getting a space in a parish)
  • You can use the lid of the box as shown in the picture as a "business card" or "holy card" holder for
    Our Lady of the Veil holy cards if you like.  You simply just cut off a small section of the lid and tape it or
    glue it to the bottom front of the box leaving a 3/4 inch gap from the front of the box.  It will give a place
    to put business or holy cards nicely.   The holy cards can be printed off on the main page of our web-
    site. Photo paper seems to work well.   If you need our business cards please e-mail us and we will send
    you some.  You do not have to display business cards but it would be helpful.  PLease do not
    reproduce or create any of your own flyers, holy cards, business cards, or any materials with
    Our Lady of the Veil name on them.  You should have all the items you will need provided
    from this web-site.  PLease use this form  titled  Form for Parish Helper  Form for parish
    helper  and place them with your box or in the front of the box so those at your parish can
    have your name as a contact.  (This is like your own business card. Just write in your name,
    phone number and e-mail address on the form)
  • For the front cover on the box you can print off in color on white cardstock paper the image  titled "Front
    label for box".    Front label for box   You will need to trim off some of the bottom portion of the page
    for it to fit on the front of the box.      You can drape your box with a section of lace if you like but it is not
  • The veils can be individually placed in clear bags that you can buy at Michael's or use the Wilton candy
    bags they work well too.  You can put a veil and a holy card in each bag. Netting with a ribbon also
    works  This will help with sanitary reasons to help prevent ladies from trying on veils and placing back in
    the box.
  • Get a few friends or youth group together to cut out veils or make whatever veils you can depending on
    your sewing experience.  Since these veils will be given away for free the most economical way to do
    this is to buy stretch lace and simply cut out a large triangle for a veil.  You can trim around the design
    with scissors around the edges of the veil and not have to actually sew on a trim.   Infinity scarves are
    also easy to make.  It is simply a piece of material with one seam.  
  • Now your ready to display your box and "drape" women with beautiful holy decor for Holy Mass!

Picture of Veil Box