The mission of Our Lady of the Veil is to propagate the
Scriptural teaching  of woman covering their heads before
our Lord.  For 2,000 years women have covered their heads
in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

To pray to
Our Lady of the Veil for the conversion of hearts
for women and men to understand the deep meaning of  this
act of the will before our Lord.  Veiling is obedient and
humbleness before God Himself, which gives us the
opportunity to grow in sanctity and will be pleasing to Him
and the angels as St. Paul tells us in 1Cor. 11:1-15.

Since the falling away of women not veiling we can see the
bad fruit in parishes across our country.  The lack of
modesty of women's dress at Holy Mass,  immodest bridal
gowns, and impure dress throughout our culture has become

Veiling breeds holiness as we can see in our rich history in
the Church with the lives of the Saints and the Early Church.